10 Travel Related Websites Worth Bookmarking

Traveling is an exciting prospect for most people, but most people need all the help they can get. These sites provide tips, reviews, and booking services to suit any need and budget. It would be smart to bookmark at least some of these sites to make your travel plans go smoothly and affordably.

The main value of this site guests is to offer reviews of location-specific accommodations, tours, activities, and attractions all over the world from both guests and professionals. It has a forum where you can ask questions about a specific place, and most TripAdvisor users are happy to accommodate you. You can filter the search results according to the reason for your trip and budget. It would be advisable to pay attention only to three-star reviews, as some listed sites try to boost their ratings by posting fake reviews. This is not a booking site, so it doesn’t actually sell any rooms, but they do provide you with links to partner sites. It is definitely worth bookmarking.

There is many sites for cheap flights, but if you don’t mind long layovers and airplane hopping, this is where you can get the cheapest available. It has a unique ticketing algorithm that searches possible flight combinations from 150 airlines to save you as much as 90% on your total fare. The published rates on the site may not include all fees, though. You will find out how much you actually have to pay when you book your flight. Overall, this is a great resource for budget travelers with an open-ended itinerary.

This is a good booking site for hostels anywhere in the world. Hostels tend to be much more affordable than hotels and other types of accommodations, which is why budget travelers should bookmark this page. Reviews may not always be accurate, though, so check other sites for reviews before booking.

This is a great forum for would-be travelers  where you can get everything about anything travel-related, including tons of tips on the best market places in any country and how to say “how do you do?” in Russian. The content is very well organized, provided by travel experts, and includes videos and photos. If you want to make your own contribution, you can through the blog. Whatever you need to know, you will find on this site.

Wego is very easy to use and sets you up for affordable options for flights and hotels. Simply key in your planned dates and destinations and you get a whole bunch of options.  Sign up and the site will send you email price alerts whenever a deal comes up for a particular search.  Its partners include booking.com.

If you just love riding trains around Europe, then you should check out train aficionado Mark Smith’s site. He loves to share his considerable insights on how to travel frugally by train all around Europe, as well as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. He makes it easy for newbies to travel by train and ferry more cheaply than booking your tickets on the official sites. You can definitely benefit from the experience of “the man in Seat 61.”

If you want to check out more reviews online, you can head off to Agoda to find them. It provides a lot of information about some popular accommodations, although the published rates may be a bit more than other booking sites. However, it is easy to search for places and provides you with more pertinent data than you would find anywhere else. If you find a room you like, you can always check out cheaper sites to actually book the room.

You’ve probably heard of Expedia if you have ever tried to go on budget travel, because it is one of the most recognized names in the travel booking industry. It is no wonder, really, as it has delivered among the best deals for any travel need. More importantly, it has no service fees, even if you change your itinerary after booking it, although the hotel or airlines may apply charges for changing or cancelling a booking. It rewards its customers with points for each time they to book a flight, hotel, or rental car, which can be exchanged for free travel. If you need travel insurance, you can add that to your package as well. Are you thinking of a cruise or tours? These are also available. Sign up and the site will send you notice when coupon codes are available for your needs. Some coupons may require downloading the mobile app, though, and you can’t use the mobile app to book a car or cruise. You also need to know the specific dates of your travel. Overall, though, this is a one-stop budget travel spot. UPDATE – I had a bad experience with expedia so I no longer recommend them. (Read : How Expedia Ruined My Vacation)

Airbnb is a great site to bookmark if you are looking for affordable accommodations.  The site is for homeowners that want to rent out an extra room or an apartment to transients for as short as a day, Many listings are much cheaper than most hotel rooms and often include amenities such as a working kitchen and laundry room, great  for budget travelers to the US and Europe. The site matches up guests that are on a budget for a 3% commission from the property owners. This is particularly important during the peak season, when most accommodations are fully booked. 

Travel insurance is something that most people think about as an afterthought, but it really is quite important. This site is particularly good for anyone under 66 years old travelling for adventure. The coverage is not as comprehensive as other medical insurance, and it does not cover pre-existing conditions, but it does cover the basics, and provide many tips for travelling safety, free language guides as well as important information about your destination. 

Did we miss anything? Please let us know by commenting below. Happy traveling!

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