US Potato Safari 3 at Marco Polo Davao

Following on the same success as the previous US Potato Safari conducted last year in Cebu, the United States Potato Board (USPB) Philippines has yet again held the same program for the third time around but this time at the country’s regarded “safest city” – Davao.

The program was aimed at promoting the local industry diners while at the same time showcasing US Potatoes at its most creative and innovative to its audience.

Joining the event, chosen bloggers from across the country have partaken the 3-day event alongside other media and bloggers local to Davao.

With Executive Sous Chef Alex Destriza at the helm of the second-day event, the participants were graced with a night dinner at Marco Polo Davao’s Polo Bistro.

Reji Retugal-Onal (L), Chef Alex Destriza of Marco Polo (M), Susan Weller (R)

With US Potato at its highlight, the menu was specially made for the safari attendees to enjoy.

The Appetizer

Just like any good meal, the attendees (including ourselves) were presented with an appetizer that is the US Potato Crisscut and Shrimp Cake, a combination of fruit salad (pomelo and singkamas), veggies (mint leaves, red and spring onions), US potato crosscut fries, and shrimp patty all stack together and mixed with an Asian chili dressing.

On another plate, we were served with the US Mashed Potato Soup infused with Turmeric which gives a light taste for every sip and a little bit of spice from the turmeric. While not highlighted for their names, this soup is more than just your potatoes and turmeric. Every plate of this soup contains diced salmons in it in addition to orange fruit as well as cream.

With the obvious intention of not to fill but to stimulate the appetite—hence the name, appetizer—both the foods mentioned have done a great work as far as keeping us attendees hooked for the coming meals which will complete it.

Main Dish

What is a good fulfilling meal without its fair share of the main dish on the table?

Following on the appetizers is the main course where we were served with a Honey Caramelized Pork Spareribs made special by adding into it an element of US Potato chili spiced wedges, cherry tomato confit, all of it dressed on cucumber mint and balsamic glaze syrup.

The Ultimate Dessert

Finishing on the full meal is no other than the dessert. Of all the available desserts in the event, the one clear winner was the US Potato Strawberry Cheese Cake mixed in with crumbled soft meringue, twister, potato crust, kiwi, strawberry, white chocolate cream sauce, and vanilla ice cream which truly stood out despite not adding durian into its mix.

With nine years of working experience at his disposal as earned by being the Sr. Sous Chef of The Peninsula Manila, Chef Alex Destriza is not your ordinary experienced Sous Chef but one that actually brings talent on the dining table which offers new experience and exciting meals to diners that keep them coming back for more.

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