Luxurious Archipelago: The Best Resorts In The Philippines

The Philippines being an archipelago has its benefits. One of the best of such benefits is the endless expanse of beautiful beaches. It is on these pretty beaches where some of the most luxurious and idyllic resort sits on. We look to Agodafor a few of the best deals on resorts that gives substance to that claim – and at a steal too with cash rebates and discount codes courtesy of ShopBack!
1. Pearl Farm Beach Resort
Usual rate: P45,000
Agoda rate: P10,820
Rate after Cashback: P10,420
A true pearl of the orient and like the gem of its namesake, Pearl Farm Beach Resort is beautiful and borne out the ocean. Located in the Island Garden City of Samal just off the Coastal city of Davao, this resort employs the beauty and splendor of nature to terrific effect. Check rates and book.
2. The Peacock Garden
Usual rate: P16,237
Agoda rate: P8,327
Rate after Cashback: P7,927
Sitting grand and proud atop a hill on the island of Bohol the Peacock Garden is one of Philippines best kept secret. This sprawling compound is filled with regal and elegant classical furnishings and gardens complete with statues giving the whole place a sort of an old-world charm. The infinity pool also boasts expansive view owing to its elevated location. Check rates and book.
3. Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa
Usual rate: P30,000
Agoda rate: P27,636
Rate after Cashback: P27,236
Facing the Bohol Sea at the southernmost tip of the island, Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa is the perfect getaway for those looking to wind-down in luxurious seclusion. The beautiful organic looking architecture matches pretty well with the lush natural greenery to give visitors the perfect backdrop for their idyllic stay. Check rates and book.
4. Boracay Regency Resort & Spa 
Usual rate: P112,588
Agoda rate: P5,670
Rate after Cashback: P5,270
Boracay is renowned internationally for its beautiful beaches and clear waters. Many flock here to get a piece of this tropical paradise. Boracay Regency Resort & Spa is the place to stay if you’re looking to get yourself that piece of paradise. One of the biggest draws of this resort is being able to admire the natural coastal beauty of Boracay at their picturesque white sandy beachfront spanning 125m. Check rates and book.
5. Plantation Bay Resort & Spa 
Usual rate: P22,292
Agoda rate: P8,607
Rate after Cashback: P8,207
Plantation Bay Resort & Spa is one of the most popular and well-received resorts in the country and it is not hard to see why. They have an extensive list of amenities and activities for you to indulge in, especially their beautiful man-made lagoons where you can take a dip in or indulge in some water-sports. This is all set against the backdrop of tasteful plantation-style architecture. Check rates and book.
6. El Nido Resorts Miniloc Island
Usual rate: P40,000
Agoda rate: P27,300
Rate after Cashback: P26,900
If you’ve ever watched the movie The Beach starring Leonardo di Caprio and always yearned for a getaway at such a beautiful locale like that then El Nido Resorts Miniloc Island is the resort for you. Nestled in between imposing cliffs on a cove, this ‘Eco-Discovery’ resort offers the best option for a retreat filled with exciting and interesting activities. Complete with clear and pristine beaches and serene isolation, it is no wonder that this resort has been reported to be the inspiration behind the location of the beach in the movie itself. Check rates an book.
7. Buri Resort & Spa
Usual rate: P10,000
Agoda rate: P3,192
Rate after Cashback: P2,792
Buri Resort & Spa rests against one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Puerto Galera Bay. Many have come to this resort to rejuvenate their senses, body and soul. Surrounded by lush hills and greenery this resort boasts an extensive list of amenities to suit a visitor’s every need.
There you go, a fine display of the most beautiful resorts for you to experience our country’s natural splendor. If you’re looking for some form of indulgement in one of these resorts there is no reason not to especially with the seasonal holiday sales and promotions just around the corner. One of such great event is the ShopBack’s Christmas Sale where you can enjoy increased cashback on your purchases from travel services providers such as Agoda and Expedia making it is possible for you to enjoy the best without having to splash the cash.
Sharizzat enjoys the feeling of waking up in unfamiliar surroundings where the sun shines just a little bit differently and best enjoyed under a cabana with a cocktail in hand – tiny umbrella and all.

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