Where to Eat in Tacurong : 5 Recommended Restaurants in the City of Goodwill

Situated at the heart of South Central Mindanao, Tacurong City sits at the crossroads of Davao-Gensan-Cotabato highways. It is proud of its multicultural society as it is home to migrants from the Islands of Panay and Negros, Ilocos, Cebu as well as Moro tribes such as Maranao, Tausug and Maguindanao. It is home to some delectable Pinoy comfort food that you can enjoy while exploring the city. (Read: Talakudong Festival 2015).

Here is a list of Must-Try Restaurants in Tacurong City.

Palm Bistro

Situated outside the city proper in Barangay Calean, Palm Bistro offers a relaxing ambiance and delectable dishes including some of Ilonggo’s favorites. Must-try is their Kansi – a soup dish that can be likened to a combination of bulalo and sinigang. You can also try their baby back ribs and bulalo steak.


Bulalo Steak

Baby Back Ribs

Fortune Place
Fortune Place has been in the business for over 40 years. Ask a local and he/she would probably know about this restaurant. I recommend you try their fresh lumpia and palabok. Their serving is huge, be prepared! 

Fresh Lumpia


El Favoritos

One of the most interesting places to eat in Tacurong City is El Favoritos. They are known for their Native Chicken Bulalo and crispy fried chicken in different sauces. Yes, you read it right, they serve a delicious and peppery Native Chicken Bulalo. It is a must-try when you eat at El Favoritos. The tenderness of the chicken and the savory taste of the native chicken make this dish delectable. Eat it while it’s hot.

El’ Chicken ala NDT sweetcorn and mushroom

El’ Chicken ala Chocolata

El’ Chicken ala NDT Pineapple & Cream of Mushroom 

Native Chicken Bulalo

Dad’s Menu

One of the restaurants we tried when we visited Tacurong City a couple of weeks ago was Dad’s Menu. It opened in 2012 and has been positioned itself as one of the must-try restaurants in the city. It offers a wide array of Filipino dishes including kare-kare and a whole lot more. Must-try is their Huatsay soup and their garlic chicken.


Garlic Chicken

Huatsay Soup


Never leave Tacurong without trying the sumptuous and tasty native chicken and hito at NANDINGS. I am a fan of native chicken so I definitely enjoyed every bite of the Native Chicken Barbecue I ordered at Nandings. It’s really good. I am drooling while writing this post. Hahaha 🙂 

Grilled Native Chicken

Inihaw na Hito (Grilled Catfish)

Did we miss anything? Let us know so we can try them when we visit Tacurong again.

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