Cebu Pacific Adopts Philippine Eagle “Mindanao”

Philippine Eagle, the country’s national bird is one of the largest  and most powerful birds of prey. It is endemic to the Philippines and it’s population  is rapidly declining with only about 400 pairs remaining in the wild. It is now considered as one of the world’s rarest and most critically endangered vertebrate species.

In order to help these Philippine Eagles survive the threat of extinction, the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) was formed. PEF is committed to promote the survival of the Philippine Eagles as well as sustainability of our forest resources. 

Through its breeding program, the foundation aims to augment the dwindling population of these species by releasing the captive bred eagles back to the wild. To date, the foundation has successfully produce 25 captive-bred eagles. 

One of these captive-bred eagles is “Mindanao”, the Philippine Eagle ambassador for education. Over the years, 13-year old “Mindanao” has inspired both locals and visitors of the Philippine Eagle Center. “Mindanao” has helped raised awareness about the current situation of the Philippine Eagles as well as the challenges they are currently facing.

PEF does not have enough resources to take care of the eagles in the center. So, they are partnering with companies to help them preserve the life of these wonderful creatures. Recently, Cebu Pacific, the country’s leading airline, adopts Philippine Eagle “Mindanao” in an effort to save the Philippine Eagles from extinction. The adoption of “Mindanao” is in line with the company’s commitment to act on environmental conservation issues that are linked to the country’s biodiversity.

PEF’s Executive Director Mr. Dennis Salvador and Cebu Pacific’s Director for Products Ms. Apple Ignacio

For five years, Cebu Pacific will take care of the expenses incurred by the center in providing food and necessary veterinary care for “Mindanao”.

Through this partnership, Cebu Pacific directly supports PEF’s Conservation Breeding and Conservation Education initiatives that will prevent the total extinction of these mighty species. It also extends a helping hand to further accelerate the Captive Breeding Program of PEF, as well as raise awareness about the plight of the Philippine Eagles.

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