Foreigners Who Fell In Love With The Philippines : Nathan Allen

The Philippines is now becoming one of the preferred destinations when it comes to traveling in Asia. It’s actually not surprising as we have some of the best beaches in the world and Filipinos are basically among the most hospitable people on Earth. No wonder foreigners who visit The Philippines usually fall in love the first time they explore the country.

Nathan Allen in Albay

There is much more potential to encourage more visitors to our country, so, as part of my mission to further promote the Philippines to the world, I have interviewed several foreigners who fell in love with The Philippines. They will be featured on Escape Manila one by one and they  will tell us why they love the Philippines.

El Nido, Palawan

Our featured traveler for this week is already making a name in the blogging industry. He is a popular blogger who is passionate about traveling around The Philippines. He is Nathan Allen, the man behind the blog “I Dreamed Of This“.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Nathan Allen, I started a blog called “I Dreamed Of This” in 2013, and have been wandering, snapping photos, and writing ever since!

When did you first visit the Philippines?

I first visited the Philippines at the end of 2012

Why did you choose Philippines?

Years ago, I met a young Swiss couple who were almost finished with their 1 year trip around the world. When I asked them what their absolute favorite country was, they just smiled and said “The Philippines!” 

What do you love most about the Philippines?

Just like that young couple, I appreciate the Philippines because of the warmth and openness of the people…but the stunning beaches and rice terraces don’t hurt, either!

Your top 3 destinations in the Philippines and why?

Ifugao rice terraces, because of the incredible history/culture/scenery

Caramoan, Bicol,because it has a little bit of everything…limestone cliffs, beautiful beaches, snorkelling,  and Bicolano food, my favourite in the Philippines (so far)!

Masbatebecause it has some of the most underrated / unexplored beaches in the country. It also has the fascinating rodeo and cowboy culture, which I love. I found people there to be very friendly, and I always felt quite safe.

What’s the least thing that you like about the Philippines, things that need improvement?

In the cities, I miss clean air and sidewalks the most. I don’t advise visiting tourists to spend too much time in the cities anyway, though. That’s not what they came for:)

Get to know more about Nathan in his video interview with the ABS-CBN News Channel. 

Nathan Allen Exploring the Beauty Of The Philippines! – Please…
VIDEO: What an AMAZING few years exploring the Philippines! Excellent work, Arvin David + team ANC!! #idreamedofthis #TFC ©ABS-CBN #Antique #Masbate #Siquijor #Albay #Banaue #Sagada #Moalboal #ElNido:) Please Share!
Posted by I Dreamed Of This on Monday, August 17, 2015

Just like other travelers, Nathan is obviously enjoying the country’s beaches, rice terraces and the people’s warm hospitality. 

Do you know any foreign traveler who also fell in love with the Philippines? Let me know their contact details so I can also feature them here. Please comment below or hit me an email at

Together, we can encourage more people to visit the country and explore the Philippines. We need a sustainable tourism industry in the country. Always observe responsible tourism!
***Photos were grabbed from Nathan Allen’s blog with his permission.

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