Top 10 Beach Destination in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of those underrated travel destinations in South East Asia, but it is actually a gold mine of breathtaking beaches. With 7,107 islands, you’ll never run out of beaches. Here are our top ten choices:

1. Boracay
Aah, Boracay. That not-so-hidden gem of an island with powdery white beaches and clear azure waters. Boracay offers the best of both worlds, whether you prefer a serene stay lounging on the beach or a feisty bar hopping night in its bar district. Don’t forget to try out the waters; swim and dive to your heart’s content.

2. Pagudpud
Enjoy your share of nature and culture while enjoying the beaches of Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte. Aside from the clear waters, there are other attractions along the shore such as the Bangui Windmills, the Cape Bojeador lighthouse, and the Kapurpurawan rock formations. Cap your day off chilling in a hammock by the beach.
Pagudpud Beach
3. Talicud Island, Samal
Talicud island is part of the Island Garden city of Samal, a few minutes away by boat from Davao City. Talicud is perfect if you prefer a bit of peace and quiet, since it is a relatively secluded beach. It offers top notch diving and snorkelling sites, so be ready with your underwater cameras.

Babu Santa Beach Resort
4. Tiamban Beach
Tiamban is very accessible from the town of Romblon, but still manages to be very private and secluded. Enjoy peace and quiet along the gentle shores. There are available rooms to spend the night in, but we suggest you try camping under the clear night skies of Romblon.

Tiamban Beach
5. Panglao Bohol
Panglao beach in Bohol offers the full vacation experience. You can choose from the different beach resorts around, each one offering access to the picturesque beach. You can do a variety of water activities like swimming or diving, but the crowning jewel of activities here is the dolphin watching. 

Panglao Beach
6.  Dakak
A plane ride away from Manila, Dakak is one of those unexpected finds, nestled between mountain and ocean. Dakak used to be a beach only resort, but it has now expanded to include a golf course and an adventure zip line to cater to your adrenaline needs.

Dakak Beach Resort
7. Bantayan Island
Bantayan Island in Cebu is a great addition to your beach inventory. Rent a boat and hop around in the surrounding islands, then stop for lunch and a swim around Virgin Island. You might also want to try swimming in the caverns of Ogtong cave.

Sta Fe Beach Resort
8. Twin Beach, El Nido
Twin Beach delivers what its name promises: beaches on either side of a strip of land. Nacpan is where all the beach life is, where you can lounge around and read a good book. Calitang is more dedicated to fishing, but that’s good because you avail of the day’s fresh catch.

Nacpan-Calitang Twin Beach | Photo by Alan Ascaño
9. Calaguas
The long boat ride to Calaguas might be off-putting, but once you step on the powdery sand, you’ll think that the effort was worth it. It’s an isolated in the northern part of Bicol, which means there are no hotels around yet. Pack your camping bags if you want to stay the night. 

10. Anguib
Anguib in Cagayan is touted as the “Boracay of the North” with its white sand beaches and shallow waters that is perfect for wading around. Aside from the usual beach activities, you can also try kayaking around. It’s still relatively undeveloped, so bring a tent if you want to stay the night.

Anguib Beach | Photo by Chad M

So there’s our top ten beaches in the Philippines. So pack your sunscreen, because you’ll never run out of beach fun in the Philippines.  

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