Christmas Symbols Festival in Tangub City Winners Announced

After a series of judging (three to be exact), the winners of this year’s Christmas Symbols Festival in Tangub City has been announced. 

It was another successful year for the organizers of the yearly Christmas Symbols Festival in Tangub City where local and national agencies in the city participated to bring the audience a feel of Christmas around the world.

Here’s the list of the winners in the Category A contest:

Top 8 Winners

1st Place: Cerro Santa Lucia in Santiago, Chile / NMSC

2nd Place: Trevi Fountain in Italy / GADTC

3rd Place: Solfar Sunboat in Iceland / TCNHS

4th Place: Castle Rock of Norway / CEO

5th Place: Gardens by the Bay of Singapore / DPWH

6th Place: Osaka Castle if Japan / Unified High Schools

7th Place: Statue of Liberty of USA / CPDO CWSDO CAO TCWD

8th Place: Mount Temple of Jerusalem / DMDTMH

Ranking of the rest of the contingents:

9th: Arabic Incense Burner Monument of Doha Quatar / Central District

10th: Dun in Malaysia / Southwest District

11th: Legoland Billund Denmark / CAGO DAR

12th: Port Arthur Church if Australia / South District

13th: Wat Phra Singh in Thailand / National Agencies

14th: Magellans Cross in Philippines / North District

15th: Pura Ulun Dano Ball Indonesia / CTO Accounting

16th: Taj Mahal in Agra India / CHO POPCOM PNRC

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