A Short Visit to the Strawberry Farm of La Trinidad, Benguet

I have been to Baguio several times already but every time I go there I always miss visiting the famed strawberry farm of La Trinidad, Benguet. During my latest visit to Baguio, I made sure to pay a visit to the farm and experience picking fresh strawberries.

We left Azalea Residences early in the morning because I had to leave Baguio around lunch time bound for Manila. We took a cab and arrived in La Trinidad around 5:30AM. The farm was still closed to visitors and the temperature was kinda freezing. We decided to go to a nearby hostel and had some coffee. After about an hour, someone approached us and told us that the farm was already open and we can start what we have been waiting for: to pick some fresh strawberries.

Before doing so, we bought a glass of strawberry taho. It was delicious and tasted way better than the strawberry taho in downtown Baguio. The taho in La Trinidad has preserved whole strawberries while the one in Baguio has only bits and pieces. It’s definitely a must-try when in La Trinidad.

Fresh Strawberries
The price of picking fresh strawberries is almost tripled compared to buying strawberries at the market. It will cost you P350/kilo in the farm and about P100/kilo or less in the market. But of course, it’s the experience that made it enticing. Not to mention you get to eat fresh strawberries in the farm as many as you can.

After almost two hours of enjoying the farm, we decided to go back to the hotel. It was definitely a great experience. 

How to go to the Strawberry Farm
Just take a cab from downtown Baguio and inform the driver to drop you off at the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet. It should only cost you a little over P100 for the taxi fare.

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