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I got really excited when I heard the news that WithLocals is coming to the Philippines. I already read about their presence in other neighboring Asian countries and I certainly like their concept of encouraging travelers to travel with Locals.  Traveling with the locals will give you a glimpse of not just the place but as well as the people’s way of life and maybe a little bit of their culture and traditions. Certainly, this is going to be very interesting considering how hospitable Filipinos are. WithLocals also helps people earn a sustainable income by doing something they are passionate about. 

Learn to play traditional instruments WithLocals of Maguindanao
So What is WithLocals and How It Works?
The Withlocals website is a marketplace connecting travelers (backpackers, flashpackers or even glam packers) from every corner of the world with locals in Asia offering unique travel experiences and home dining opportunities. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace where local people offer experiences and their skills to travelers. Their goal basically is to connect people and cultures through food and unique experiences.

Learn to cook Empanada de Kalisikis WithLocals of Bulacan
How to Become a Host?
Becoming a host with WithLocals is very straightforward. There are three categories that you may offer depending on your skills and passion. These are Eat WithLocals, Tours WithLocals and Activities WithLocals. Ready to become a host? Just follow these three easy steps and you may start hosting.

Step 1: Fill in the Host Details
You start by giving the details of the tours, activities or dining experience you are offering. Provide an appealing and detailed information as it will appear on the website. Set your own price and make sure it is competitive enough to attract travelers to avail your offering. Also, include the date when you want to offer your activity, tour or home dining.

Step 2: Get Visited By The Ambassador
Upon submission of your application, a WithLocals Ambassador will contact you to arrange a visit. The ambassador will take photographs which will then be used on the website and he/she will also explain further about WithLocals.

Step 3: Receive Bookings 
A profile will be created for you on the Withlocals website and voila you’re ready to accept bookings. Make sure you confirm the bookings within 24 hours. 

Enjoy a trek WithLocals of the Philippines and discover great places

For more information about WithLocals, visit: 
Website: www.withlocals.com 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WithLocals 
Twitter: @WithLocals 
Instagram: @WithLocals 

Become a part of a growing industry. Do what you are passionate about and share it with people around the globe! Join WithLocals now!

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