Baguio Restaurants : Rancho Norte & Happy Tummy at Ketchup Food Community

Ketchup Food Community offers different type of dishes both local and international. It is located along Romulo Drive, Barangay Lualhati (Near Wright Park), Baguio City. It s home to five Baguio-based restaurants such as Rancho Norte, Happy Tummy, Green Pepper, Canto and Rumah Sate. Ketchup Food Community is like an outdoor food court with a twist situated in the middle of the lush pine trees.

We had lunch at Rancho Norte during Baguio Food Tour 2014 and we also had a chance to sample a dish from Happy Tummy. Rancho Norte serves traditional Filipino favorite dishes such as tapa and pinakbet while Happy Tummy offers Thai-Filipino food. Both restaurants provides affordable and yummy food choices to give you gastronomical satisfaction.

We have tried several dishes from both restaurants. Some of them are very new to me like the tapang kabayo and tapang usa. I must say that their food are delectable and unique. Rancho Norte is among the few restaurants in the Philippines that serve horse meat.

These are some of the dishes we have tried during our recent visit at the Ketchup Food Community in the city of Pines.

Tapang Kabayo (P168)
It was my first time to see a cooked horse meat so I was kinda hesitant to taste it. I didn’t exactly know how it tastes like so I decided to grab a piece of the tapa and ate it. Surprisingly, it tastes like beef and it’s good. It’s something you can try while in Baguio. It’s a little spicy and savory.

Pinakbet with Bagnet (P188)
I love Rancho Norte’s pinakbet. Aside from the fresh veggies used, the presence of bagnet made it more mouth-watering. I enjoyed eating their pinakbet and I am sure you will too. 

Sinigang na Baboy (P168)
Sinigang is one of my comfort food so I was kinda excited when they served us sinigang for lunch. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed as it tasted good. There was nothing special in the taste but I enjoyed it.

Crispy Sisig (P148)
Their crispy sisig is not the usual sisig that I get to order in many restaurants. What sets it apart from the traditional sisig is that it uses crispy bagnet as a main ingredient instead of pig snout, ears and cheeks. It is definitely an appetizing dish.

Tapang Usa (P168)
Another exotic food served at Rancho Norte is the Tapang Usa. It is something unique but unfortunately it also has a distinct strong smell that I don’t like. It tasted good but it’s just not my cup of tea.

Strawberry Smoothie
A refreshing drink made from fresh strawberries locally grown in Baguio. 

Tilapia in Tamarind Sauce (S-P150; M-P200; L-P250)
It’s a delicious dish from Happy Tummy Thai-Filipino Restaurant. I like the crispness of the tilapia meat and the flavorful tamarin sauce. They blend in well together.

Sticky Rice with Mango (P80)
Another offering from Happy Tummy Restaurant. It became my instant favorite. It is a delightful dessert. It is is sweet and creamy. 

Ketchup Food Community 
Address: Romulo Drive, Barangay Lualhati (Near Wright Park), Baguio City 
Operating Hours: Open daily from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM 

Rancho Norte 
Contact Number: +63 0922 808 1521 
Facebook: Rancho Norte 

Happy Tummy Thai-Filipino Restaurant 
Contact Number: +63 0932 436 1288 

Disclosure: Rancho Norte and Happy Tummy are partner-restaurants of #BaguioFoodTour2014.
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