Italian Dishes and Healthy Beverages at Alfoncito’s Place Baguio

Alfoncito’s Place is relatively a new restaurant in Baguio which opened in September 2013 and offers a relaxing ambiance and healthy food and beverages. It is located at the Lower Ground Floor of EDY Building Kisad Road, Baguio City. It serves coffee, pasta, sandwiches, shakes, pastries and a lot more. 

The interior of Alfoncito’s Place is very interesting and appealing. Once you entered the restaurant, you’d immediately feel a relaxing sensation. The place is small and cozy, ideal for bonding with family or friends. It is well decorated so you’ll have fun looking at the artworks while waiting for your food to be served. 

On our visit to Alfoncito’s Place we were served with their Italian dishes along with their healthy concoctions of beverages. I definitely enjoyed our meal as I love Italian cuisine especially pasta, pizza and panini. Their beverages are perfect for those who are on a diet or healthy conscious. We were served with a complete meal from appetizers to desserts.

Chicken Crostini (P100)
We started our meal with a Chicken Crostini, a twist to the usual garlic crostini. It’s a toasted country bread topped with generous amount of oven-baked chicken strip, melted cheese and tomatoes. 

Chicken Crostini (P100)

Barbecue Pork Panini (P145)
This sandwich is delicious. I’m in love with the flavor combination of this barbecue pork panini. The grilled pork is tender and juicy. The fresh vegetable salad on the side make this dish perfect.

Barbecue Pork Panini (P145)

Penne ala Bolognese (P180)
This Italian dish is served in rich and creamy tomato-based sauce. The long slow, cooking process of the soffritto (a combination of aromatic vegetables and beef) gives this dish a delectable bolognese style with a deep and rich flavor. It is topped with tender and yummy meat balls.

Penne ala Bolognese (P180)

Spaghetti al Aglio e Olive (P155)
A very simple yet tasty dish. It’s just made up of garlic, olive oil and seasoning. It is topped with black olives and a dash of chili flakes.

Spaghetti al Aglio e Olive (P155)

Linguini al Pesto with Oven-Baked Herbed Chicken (P180)
This classic Alfoncito Italian dish is my favorite.The herbed chicken on the side makes it a perfect combination. 

Linguini al Pesto with Oven-Baked Herbed Chicken (P180)

Healthy Beverages : Strawberry Oatmeal Shake (P130) Fruity Morning Shake (P130) Cucumber Twist (P50)
For our drinks, we were served with healthy beverages. Their oatmeal shakes can actually be a meal replacement. The refreshing cucumber twist is a good alternative for water. It is a mixture of cucumber, lemon and mint.

L-R Strawberry Oatmeal, Cucumber Twist, Fruity Morning Shake

Desserts : Peaches and Cream Crepe, Apple and Cinnamon Crepe and Nutty Banana Crepe which all cost P100 each serving.
We were served with three kinds of crepes for our dessert. I love fluffy texture and the sweet taste of the chocolate syrup on top. 

Peaches and Cream Crepe

I’d say the description that they put on their facebook fan page best describes them “Original Italian Style of cooking with a twist of the 21st century art and the feel of home”. The place is artsy and homey and the food is sumptuous.

Alfoncito’s Place 
Address: Lower Ground Floor, EDY Building Kisad Road, Baguio City (Beside Starwood Hotel)
Operating Hours: Open from Monday to Saturday at 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Wednesdays 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM 
Contact Number: (+63) 0915-785-2947 
Facebook: Alfoncito’s Place

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Disclosure: Alfoncito’s Place is a partner-restaurant of #BaguioFoodTour2014.
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