The Abusive Taxi Drivers of Manila

I have encountered a lot of problems with taxi drivers in Metro Manila like over charging, refusing to use the taxi meter, contracting passengers and a lot more but my latest experience was the worst one. I felt traumatized by the experience. I decided to write about it hoping that the government will do something about these abusive and arrogant taxi drivers in Metro Manila. Taking a cab in Manila is like asking for a favor. I never experienced these kind of treatment in Davao City where I live.

Taxi Plate Number : UVA 793
I formally sent a complaint via Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board’s (LTFRB) website and hopefully they will be able to act on it. My complaint reads:

“On Monday March 3, 2014 I took a taxi from Victory Liner and I told the driver to drop me at Manila INternational Youth Hostel in Baclaran. When I was in Bacalaran he wants to drop me at a different hostel and told me to pay P200. I told him to drop me at my desired hostel but he refused to do so and he said if I really want to, he will charge me P300. I did not agree. I noticed he did not use the taxi meter and when I asked why, he said, they (taxi drivers) normally do not use meters when picking up passengers near Victory Liner terminal. He started harrassing me verbally. He said I should just stay in that hostel else I might get robbed somewhere. I was already very uncomfortable with him so I paid him an overpriced fee of P200. I wen out and when he noticed I took a photo of the taxi’s plate number, he went out of the taxi and that is when I started running. He was very rude and God knows what he could have done to me. I was very traumatized of what happened.

I hope you’ll be able to investigate on this matter.

Glen Santillan”

I really felt like he’s going to punch me so I decided to run and went inside a small alley. Imagine I was carrying a big backpack and two more hand carried plastic bags from a Baguio trip. I was already panting and I decided to stay inside the alley for about five to ten minutes hoping that he’s already gone. I walked out slowly and instead of taking another taxi, I chartered a padyak  to take me to Manila International Hostel which is actually just a few meters away from where I ran. 

It was a terrible experience and I hope I will not experience it again when I go back in Manila. I also hope that our government will do something about these abusive people. They should be penalized. I wish that the taxi drivers in Manila are as nice and honest as those taxi drivers in Davao and Baguio.

If you have a similar experience or a bad experience in general with Taxi Drivers, please file a complaint at LTFRB’s Website. I’ll update this post when I receive a reply from LTFRB.

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