Exploring Arangasa Island (Puro) in Cagwait, Surigao del Sur

Arangasa Island (locally known as Puro) is an inhabited island just about 15 minutes away by motorized banca (outrigger) from the mainland Cagwait. Cagwait is a fourth class municipality in the province of Surigao del Sur. It is home to the famed Cagwait White Beach.

Arangasa Island

It was the last day of 2013 when I visited Arangasa Island along with Richard and his friends who are residents of Cagwait. We rented a boat (P300) going to the island. It was a very short trip and the waves were okay. After about 15 minutes we reached the island and started exploring it.

I had a bittersweet experience in the island. When I went off the boat, a big wave hit it so I fell off. I was wet all over but I managed to raised my hand and protected my camera from getting wet. So, despite being wet, I was still happy because my camera was okay, but it did not end there (I will tell you in a bit).

As we started exploring the island, I cant help myself but to take a photo of an interesting house powered by a solar panel. Yes, there is electricity in the island.

We went to the right side of the island where there are no houses and started taking photos. There are portions which are good for swimming. The sand is off-white. We enjoyed taking photos but we were not able to dip into its blue water. 

As I walked into an interesting structure, I told Richard to go near it so I can take a photo of him. I put my camera on a tripod and I told him to leave his camera to me as it might get wet. When he handed me his camera, the tripod fell and my camera was not lucky enough as it hit the sea water. I immediately took it and removed the battery and wiped it out with a dry cloth. I noticed that the water did not go inside the camera so I put the battery back and turned it on. It was working. I felt ecstatic then I put the camera in a dry bag and then we went back to the mainland.

When we arrived in the hostel, I turned on my camera but to my dismay it was not working. I almost cry. I was not ready to let go of it but I was still hopeful that it will eventually come back to life. I soaked it in a kilo of rice to absorb the moisture. After a day, it was still dead so I lost hope. On my last day in Cagwait, I was surprised, it came back to life so I had a happy soul when I left Cagwait.

How to Get There?  
From Davao City / Butuan City
Take a bus/van going to Tandag City and tell the bus conductor/driver that you are going to Cagwait. Alight at the Aras-asan bus terminal and walk toward the Cagwait bridge. You’ll see boats from there and ask to charter one. Alternatively, you can cut your trip if you can’t find a Tandag-bound bus. Take a bus from Davao/Butuan and alight at San Franz bus terminal and then take another bus/van going to Tandag. Fare from Davao to San Franz by Bachelor Express bus (airconditioned) is P370 for 4-5 hours and fare from San Franz to Cagwait by van is P120 for 2-3 hours.

From Surigao City
Take a bus going to Tandag, alight at the bus terminal and take another bus/van/jeep going to Cagwait.

From Tandag City 
Take a Butuan/Davao/Bislig-bound bus/van and tell the bus conductor/driver to drop you at Aras-asan bus terminal.

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