Celebrating New Year in Cagwait White Beach

A C-shaped white sand beach in the small town of Cagwait, the Cagwait White Beach was once named as the Waikiki Beach of the Philippines by Charles Lindbergh, a famous pilot. It is a long stretch of white powdery sand not too far away from the town center. 

It was on the 31st of December 2013 when I went to Cagwait White Beach to welcome the new year by the beach. It was somehow a bitter-sweet experience. My camera stopped working the day before when I accidentally thrown it in the seawater during our island excursion in an island in Cagwait. I was hoping that it will eventually turn on again after I soaked it in a kilo of raw rice. Unfortunately, it did not turn on around 10PM so I was upset and instead of welcoming the new year at the beach, I ended up sleeping. 

There was still hope in my mind and heart so I woke up early to witness my first sunrise in 2014. The first thing I did was to try turning on my camera. To my surprise, it was working again. So, I was very happy and immediately took my tripod and started shooting. The weather wasn’t good so I knew right then that there will be no sunrise for me. Instead of going back to my room, I started taking photos. It was such an amazing dawn. I love the deep blue color of the sky and the sound of the waves.

After almost an hour in the beach, my friend Richard of AwesomeMindanao arrived and brought some food for breakfast. He is from Cagwait so he helped me arranged my accommodation and pretty much accompanied me in exploring Cagwait.

The Beach!
It was raining but it did not stop me from swimming. The water was a bit cold but I enjoyed playing with the waves. So I stayed in the beach longer than planned. After swimming I took my camera and umbrella and started shooting under the rain. It could have been a perfect day if the weather was good. I’ll see you again Cagwait. Thank you Richard for showing me the beauty of Cagwait.

How to Get There?  

From Davao City / Butuan City
Take a bus/van going to Tandag City and tell the bus conductor/driver that you are going to Cagwait. There are two options in going to Cagwait White Beach : 1) alight at the junction of Cagwait where you can see the welcome landmark, then take a tricycle going to the white beach P10; 2) alight at the Aras-asan bus terminal and take a tricycle going to the white beach P15 each. The first option is more convenient. Alternatively, you can cut your trip if you can’t find a Tandag-bound bus. Take a bus from Davao/Butuan and alight at San Franz bus terminal and then take another bus/van going to Tandag. Fare from Davao to San Franz by Bachelor Express bus (airconditioned) is P370 for 4-5 hours and fare from San Franz to Cagwait by van is P120 for 2-3 hours.

From Surigao City
Take a bus going to Tandag, alight at the bus terminal and take another bus/van/jeep going to Cagwait.

From Tandag City 
Take a Butuan/Davao/Bislig-bound bus/van and tell the bus conductor/driver to drop you at the Cagwait junction.

Where to stay? 

When I went there, I stayed at Lizville Resort. They have nice and affordable villas for rent. Rate for the villas is P1200. Should you want a cheaper room, you can opt to stay in their P800 air-conditioned rooms.

There are quite a number of resorts in the beach area, so you will not have a hard time finding a place if you wish to stay overnight. Cottages along the beach are also available for day visitors.From Davao City / Butuan City

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