Revisiting Lake Sebu for A Cause

It was not just an ordinary trip, it was something beyond the usual trip that I usually do. I was with two awesome bloggers with the passion to bring smiles to the children of Lake Sebu. I was with Heiz of Journeying Pinay and Tupe of Trekero for the GIVE Lake Sebu Project. 

GIVE Lake Sebu was aimed at providing happiness to some of the kids of Lake Sebu who are enrolled in the School of Living Tradition headed by Maria Todi. The kids were provided with school supplies, food and slippers. The items we gave were pretty basic and simple but we are very glad that somehow we brought joy to the children as we can see it in their smiles.

The Road to Lake Sebu
It was around 3AM when Tupe and I departed Davao to Lake Sebu. We took the first trip to General Santos, hopped on a bus to Marbel, transferred to another bus to Surallah and finally took a van to Lake Sebu. We arrived at the town of Lake Sebu at around 9am. it was a long trip, indeed! We are already hungry when we arrived at the School of Living Tradition so we immediately ate whatever was on the table.

The Giving
We already can see how excited the kids were to receive their gifts so we started giving out the gifts to the children. It was a very simple gift but it brought joy to the kids. It felt so good when we saw them smile when they receive their gifts.

The Waterfalling Adventure
After the main event, we decided to pay a visit to a not so usual destination in Lake Sebu. We already tried the zip line, the seven falls and the lake so we wanted something new. Maria and Barbara have something in mind to offer. Barbara has offered to guide us to visit a hidden waterfalls far away from the town center. We had to take a long habal-habal ride and trek through rice terraces and streams to get to the waterfalls. After an hour we arrived at the K’nalum Falls. It was small but the water was so enticing that we immediately dipped into it.

Boating in Lake Sebu
We went boating in Lake Sebu after the tiring but enjoying trek to K’nalum Falls. We were able to witness the sunset in the lake. Our little guide, Soysoy managed to borrow a traditional banca so we were able to row around the lake for a little while. It was a short ride but we definitely had fun.

A Night of Fun and Laughters
Before going to bed, our hosts have prepared a short presentation to us. They played indigenous musical instruments, sang traditional songs and performed cultural dance. We really enjoyed watching the in their performances. It was indeed a night full of fun and laughters. 

Time to Say Goodbye
It was already the time to bid farewell to the new friends we met in Lake Sebu. For a short period of time we felt attached to these people. We truly appreciate their hospitality and kindness. We will surely miss them.

*Some of the photos were borrowed from Tupe and Heiz. Thanks guys!

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  1. way to go Glenn. Thank you do much for reminding me of my passion to GIVE. 🙂 my fave photo is your solo by the falls. see you around!

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