Day 47 of PHL50 : The Enchanting Tinago Falls and the Islamic City of Marawi

Day 47 was another highlight of my 50 days backpacking trip around the Philippines as I visited the enchanting Tinago Falls in Iligan City and explored the Islamic City of Marawi. It was my first time to step in an ARMM town and I was really excited to see what’s in store for me in Marawi.

Tinago Falls
Iligan has been dubbed as the city of majestic waterfalls as it is home to about 23 waterfalls. One of the most visited waterfalls and the most enchanting is the Tinago Falls. Tinago which means hidden in English best describes its location. 

Going to Tinago Falls is a bit challenging. The habal-habal dropped me to the parking area where vendors and guides were stationed. There were no markers which will point to the right direction. You will need to ask or hire a guide to bring you to the foot of the waterfalls. I was alone so I opted to hire a guide just to take photos of me while in the waterfalls. 

After few minutes of hiking, I reached the foot of the Tinago Falls. It was indeed enchanting. The waterfalls is high and the water cascades from a 190 ft rock into a deep basin-like pool which is a very good area for swimming. The water was enticing so I dipped into it. It was cold, clean and refreshing. I wanted to stay longer but I had already scheduled a trip to Marawi City that same afternoon.

Marawi City
Richard of Awesome Mindanao accompanied me in exploring a little bit of Marawi City. We took a van from the Iligan Terminal and it was about an hour trip to Marawi City. We alighted near the Provincial Capitol of Lanao del Sur. We walked for a couple of minutes from the highway going to the capitol.

After a short visit to the capitol, we chartered a tricycle to bring us to the famed kilometer 0 marker of Mindanao. 

Just a few distance from the kilometer 0 marker is the “welcome to the Islamic City of Marawi” marker, where we also had a short photo ops.

We ended our short Marawi tour by visiting the Mindanao State University (MSU) Marawi campus where Richard is a faculty member. It felt really nice while I was in the MSU campus. The wind is cold and the green grasses in the golf course were refreshing. The overlooking view of the lake was also stunning. I’d definitely go back to Marawi soon!

Dinner at Jacko’s Kan-anan
After a fun-filled day in Iligan and Marawi, Richard and I headed back to Iligan City where we had our dinner along with Jam and Lai. We had our sumptuous seafood platter at Jacko’s Kan-anan. It was the best and perfect for our gastronomic cravings!

How to go to Tinago Falls?
From the city proper, take a Buru-un route jeepney which will pass by Maria Cristina Falls. Ask the jeepney driver to drop you at the Buruun Market  as it will be the jump-off point going to Tinago. Fare for the jeepney is P14. From the highway, cross the road and you’ll find the habal-habal terminal just a few meters away. Ask the driver to bring you to Tinago. The habal habal driver asked me to pay P50 (one-way) since I was alone.

Where to stay in Iligan City. Recommended hotels to stay in Iligan City. Please click the name of the hotel below to check the rates and availability.

  1. Maria Christina Hotel
  2. Ala Sr. residences
  3. Red-C Residence
  4. Celadon Pensionne House

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  1. Lapit nlng pla ng marawi… it seems that i can include that huh…

    Tinago. Bakit ka nagtago? Haha im excited to see that… awww

  2. oo Kuya, lapit lang sama mo na sa IT mo sa Nov. I will introduce you to Richard din sana free sya that time 🙂 grabe ang ganda ng tinago my fave.

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