Day 36 of PHL50 : Crossing the Rough Seas From Luzon to Visayas

I never did my research so I ended up paying more for transportation. I thought there were a lot of boat trips in a day from Romblon to Caticlan or at least in Carabao Island but there were only limited trips. Too bad, it ruined my itinerary for the day.

I left the hotel early in the morning. Instead of going to the terminal I opted to wait for the jeepney to arrive in the town center. Someone told me that the jeep will be passing by the town center but I did not know that the first trip has just passed so I wasted my time waiting for nothing.

I decided to go to the terminal to catch a jeep to Santa Fe that’s when I learned that the first trip has already left. The passenger in the jeep for the second trip told me that I will not be able to catch the only trip to Carabao island from Santa Fe. They told me that there’s a trip from Looc to Carabao island but I will also not make it since it was set to depart at 8:30AM and it was already 8AM when I arrived in the terminal.

I knew right there that I had to change my plan. So, I took a motorcycle from Odiongan to Looc to catch a boat to Caticlan. I had to skip Carabao Island. The boat trip was scheduled at 9AM. I told the driver that I was chasing the boat and so he drove a little fast. Although  I told him I would rather miss the boat than have an accident.

When I arrived in Looc, the boat was about to depart. In fact, the boatmen already removed the stairs going to the boat. Good thing they were very considerate and they put the stairs back and allowed me to board. I was still lucky that day.

The Rough Seas
It was a rough ride from Romblon to Caticlan. The waves were really big. The captain has to stop the engine from time to time. I was a little worried but I read that it was normal when you take the Romblon-Caticlan route. I even managed to update status on facebook and twitter.

Carabao Island, Romblon

Arrived in Caticlan
I did not plan of staying in Caticlan so I immediately looked for a bus going to Antique. I basically do not know where in Antique I was going so I just told the driver to drop me to the town capital which is San Jose.

Welcome to Antique
I was already tired when I arrived in Antique so the first thing I did was to look for a place to stay. Antique is not a backpacker’s place so it is kinda difficult a cheap place to stay for the night. After almost an hour of roaming around, I ended up staying at Centillon Pension House for P750 a night. 

I took some rest and head out for a dinner then back to the hostel and sleep!

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