Day 41 of PHL50 : A Relaxing Day in Dumaguete

I was supposed to visit a sponsor in the town of Dauin in Negros but because I was so tired I cancelled my visit. Instead, I just relaxed and did some work at Juvy’s humble abode. I enjoyed the moments I spent with Jubang. We talked about a lot of stuff actually. I felt like I was just at home.

I did not go out to tour around the city. I only went out during lunch time to buy food and to go to the laundry shop to have my clothes washed. It was a lazing day for me. I wanted to go out but I was just so tired that I preferred to stay at Jubang’s home. I thought I needed to get some rest anyway.

Post Birthday Dinner
It was only after sunset when Jubang and I went out to have dinner at Hukad. Thank you Jubang for your post birthday treat to me and for accommodating me for a couple of days in Dumaguete. 🙂

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