Day 38 of PHL50 : Iloilo City Tour

The Iloilo experience was a bittersweet one. I arrived in Iloilo one day ahead of my schedule. I booked my accommodation on the 38th day of PHL50 but I arrived in the city on the 37th day. I thought it would be easy to find a cheap place to stay in Iloilo City but it wasn’t. I went to Ong Bun first thinking that I’ll be able to book a room for the night. Unfortunately, they were already fully booked. I asked the receptionist where can I find a cheap but comfortable place to stay and she referred me to another hostel just a few distance from Ong Bun. I was pretty much tired already and I just really wanted to take some rest. To my dismay, they were also fully booked with their single rooms and  I was not ready to pay for a double room so I decided to just go to Riverside Inn which I was booked for the next day. My big backpack was with me all along so it was such an inconvenience really.  I asked the driver if he knew where the Riverside Inn was and one passenger said she knows and will let me know once I’m there only to find out that she didn’t really know where it was after all. So I got lost, I had to cross the main road again and asked around. To be sure that I will not get lost again, I asked about three people and they pointed me out to the same direction so I was confident I was heading the right way. So, I was relieved when I finally saw the building and I when I was about to check in, the hotel was also fully booked. That was really annoying. I felt so helpless.

I was saved!
I knew that my travel blogger friend Lai of Pinay Travelista was in town for a holiday so I tried to call her where she was. She stayed at Ong Bun with a blogger friend which later became my friend too, Richard of WOW Iligan. They were so nice that they allowed me to share a room with them. Thank you both!

The Iloilo City Tour
Marcos of Ambot-Ah is based in Iloilo, he met us and he was kind enough to accompany us for our Iloilo City Tour. We already had the suggested itinerary from the city tourism office so we pretty much have an idea where to go and manage our time to visit as much places as we could. 

We certainly visited quite a lot of places and we had so much fun. We ended the day with a barbecue dinner then head back to Ong Bun, took some rest and went out again to celebrate my birthday.

Happy Birthday!
It was raining but it did not stop us to go out to have some drink to celebrate my birthday. We went to a small bar in Jaro and there was a blackout when we arrived in that part of the city. There maybe some untoward circumstances but we managed to have a great night. We head back to Ong Bun after midnight, slept a bit and departed at 3AM for Estancia, our jump off point for our Islas de Gigantes trip.

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  1. Molo Church is one of the most interesting landmarks in Iloilo City… but if you want to go further Miag-ao Church is the best but quite far from the city.

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