Day 42 of PHL50 : Stranded in Bayawan City

I left Dumaguete almost lunch time thinking that I will still be able to catch a bus going to Sipalay, Negros Occidental. I took the Ceres bus going to Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. From Bayawan City, I should’ve been able to take a bus going to Sipalay. To my dismay, the last trip has already departed about 30 minutes before I arrived. I asked around if there would be any other options to go to Sipalay and the only option was to charter a motorcycle which will be expensive for me.

I decided to stay in Bayawan City and spend the night in the sleepy city. I asked around where can I find a cheap but decent accommodation and the sikad  driver pointed me to Bayawan Pension House. It was old and it doesn’t really look that good. I was about leave the place but then I saw something that caught my attention. At first I thought they were bats but when I looked at them closely, they were balinsasayaw. I was amazed to see them up close so I decided to stay at Bayawan Pension House for a night.

I took a short nap and then went to the beach to see what’s in store for me. Unfortunately, I realized that the camera that I borrowed from Juvy also does not work properly. So, it was really a bummer. The beach has a fine and gray sand. 

After a short walk in the shore, I decided to have my dinner in one of the restaurants by the beach. It was already about to rain so I immediately went to the inn right after I took my dinner.

*Forgive me for the low photo quality as my DSLR gave up on me and the camera I borrowed was also not in good shape 🙁
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