Day 28 of PHL50 : Celebrating the World Costume Festival 2013 in Vigan

I had no idea that this year’s World Costume Festival will be held in Vigan so when I knew about it, I immediately changed plan. I was supposed to stay in Laoag for a night and then head to Zambales but I decided to go to Vigan instead.
The World Costume Festival is a yearly event showcasing different costume designs from all over the world. The last time it was held in the Philippines was in the year 2001 in Davao City.
Contingent from Indonesia
These are some of the photos I captured during the Festival. I found it strange though that the people from GMA Network want us (the audience) to hide for us not to be seen in the camera. It was a festival, right? What is a festival without spectators? If they do not want us to be seen on TV, they should have held the event in their studio! So, forgive me with the quality of the photos.
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