Day 27 of PHL50 : Having Fun in the Heritage City of Vigan

It was time to leave Ilocos Norte but before I left, I made sure I get a chance to talk to the owner of the Evangeline Beach Resort. They are lovely and friendly couple. We had a great chit chat about how the business started and even shared a bit of their love story. It was indeed great to meet such awesome people. 

I don’t want to be hungry traveling on the road so I took my breakfast at Emohruo Restaurant where I had their longganisa and and daing na bangus. As expected, the meal was delicious!


The Road to Vigan
I initially planned of just going to Laoag but changed my mind and went to Vigan instead. It was almost 4 hours bus ride from Pagudpud. The air-conditioned buses are only scheduled at night so I had to travel via ordinary bus. It was quite inconvenient but I am already used to it so it was not a problem at all.
Viva Vigan
It was my second time to be in the heritage city of Vigan. The hotel rate was relatively higher because of the World Costume Festival happening on the same week. I decided to stay at Henady Inn in Bantay which is about 5 minutes trike ride to Vigan. The room I got was pretty basic but comfortable.


When I first visited Vigan almost 2 years ago, I had lunch at Abuelita’s and I liked their food. So the first thing that came into my mind after I checked in at the hostel was to have lunch at Abuelita’s. I forgot where it was so I had to walk around. Finally, I saw it and had my late lunch for the day.


The Bantay Church and Belfry
I did not know about this interesting church in Bantay and when I saw it from where I stayed, I knew right there that I need to visit it. So before the sun had set, I visited the place and got a glimpse of the church and the belfry. Both structures were very interesting.

Edmar of Edmaration, is from Vigan so we decided to meet up for dinner. It was the first time I met him and I am really glad I did. He picked me up with his scooter and we had dinner at restaurant bar in the heart of Vigan City. 


The Fountain Show
I must say Vigan has the best light and fountain show I’ve seen in the Philippines. I really enjoyed the 30-minute show. It was great, really great. The show was world class. The local government has spent millions for the fountain project but it was all worth it. The people enjoyed the show a lot, including myself. It is now one of the must-see attraction of the heritage city of Vigan.

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