I woke up early on the 26th day of PHL50. I planned of doing a tour of Pagudpud and the nearby towns of Bangui and Burgos. I was supposed to rent a tricycle for the tour but unfortunately, there have been changes lately. Trike coming from Pagudpud can only go up to Bangui and will not be allowed to enter the town of Burgos. The price is only P100 less than the usual so I opted to do the tour on my own. At first, I thought it was annoying but later on I found out that the tricycle drivers in Burgos were more trained and organized. 

I first took my breakfast at the Emohruo restaurant and enjoyed the view of the beach in the morning. I really enjoy having meals by the beach. It is just so relaxing.

Evangeline Rice at Emohruo Restaurant
Bangui Wind Mills
I took a tricycle from the Saud Beach and went to the Pagudpud bus terminal to catch a bus to Bangui. I didn’t have to wait for a long time for the bus. I noticed that bus trips now are more frequent than the first time I went there almost two years ago. I alighted at the Bangui Public Market and chartered a tricycle to Bangui Wind Mills. 

Bangui Wind Mills
I didn’t have the chance to visit the wind turbines when I first visited Pagudpud as it was raining hard that time. Actually, Ilocos Norte was on typhoon signal number one. I always wanted to visit the wind turbines and it was realized during PHL50. It was an awesome experience although I was saddened by the fact that there were fishermen doing dynamite fishing in the area. It was as if it wasn’t illegal as they do it while there are tourists around. I hope the local government can do something about it before it would be too late.

Product of Dynamite Fishing

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
Also known as the Burgos Lighthouse, the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is a cultural heritage attractions in the town of Burgos in Ilocos Norte. 

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
I have chartered a tricylce from the lighthouse going to the kapurpurawan rock formation. I have see the Biri Rock Formation just few days back so I can’t help myself but to compare the two. Of course, I like the Biri rock formation more because it is not yet that “touristy” and the rock formations were bigger. 

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Going back to Kapurpurawan, it is actually a not so big rock formation but its shape is quite interesting. It is now prohibited to get closer to the iconic white rock. I think it’s just right not to allow people to climb there so it will not get “abused”.

The Burgos Tourism Office
Kudos to the LGU of burgos for putting up tourist centers in every major tourist attractions in the town. Good job! One more thing, the trike driver that I hired for the tour does not want to leave me on the road alone. He said “they are prohibited to leave the tourist while waiting for the bus, they should only leave once the tourist has departed”.
DIY Pagudpud North Tour
There are already quite a lot of buses that go to the Cagayan Valley region from Laoag so I decided to take a bus going there from Burgos instead of renting a tricycle whih will cost me a lot. I alighted near the Paraiso ni Anton and took photos of it. There is really nothing much in the area, just a grotto and a small stream of falling water. There is an old house nearby but it is not open to the public. 

Paraiso ni Anton

I started walking back to the Patapat Viaduct to take some photos. I passed an interesting body of water along the way. Later I found out that it is the Aqua Garden River Park. What is interesting about this place is you will get to see the fresh water flowing to the sea. I wanted to get closer and dip in the cold water but I did not bring any extra clothes and it was going dark so I had to leave. I would really want to go back there soon.

Aqua Garden River Park
After few more minutes, I reached the Patapat Viaduct, took photos and waited for a bus to arrive so I can go back to Saud Beach.

I was waiting for bus going to Laoag or Pagudpud but there wasn’t any. There were buses  going to Manila and I thought they would not allow me to take the bus and just alight in Pagudpud. So, a local lady asked me why I am not taking the buses and I explained. She told me it should be okay to take the Manila bound buses even if I am only going to Pagudpud. So after I wasted 2 hours, I was able to take a bus and got back in Pagudpud.

The staff at Evangeline Resort was actually waiting for me for dinner. The staff came in to my room to take my order. The restaurant was full so my dinner was delivered to my room. I like the salisbury steak and the mango crepe. Seriously, it was a gastronomically satisfying meal.

Salisbury Steak

Mango Crepe

Accommodation : Sponsored by  Evangeline Beach Resort
Trike from Saud Beach to Centro : P50
Bus from Pagudpud to Bangui – P10
Chartered Trike Bangui Centro to Windmill and back to Highway- P100
Bus from Bangui to Burgos Lighthouse – P20
Chartered Trike (Lighthouse & Kapurpurawan Tour) P300
Snacks and water – P45
Bus from Burgos to Patapat – P60 (1hr, non-air)
Bus from Patapat to Pagudpud – P50 (30 mins, aircon)
Trike Pagudpud Highway to Saud – P50
Dinner – Sponsored by Emohruo Restuarant
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