Day 23 of PHL50 : Spending a Day in the Northeastern Tip of the Philippines

I left Tuguegarao City early in the morning to catch a van to Sta. Ana, Cagayan Valley. I wanted to spent another day in Tuguegarao so I can visit the Tumauini Church in Isabela but I had to leave as the owner of Jotay Resort was already expecting me on that day. 

It was about 4 hours van ride to Sta. Ana. The scenery while on the road was awesome. I actually did not sleep as I really enjoyed the view from the van.

I arrived in Sta. Ana around lunch time and I immediately checked in at Jotay Resort, left my bag and went out to have my lunch somewhere in the town proper. I had grilled tilapia for lunch. It was fresh so I enjoyed it a lot.

After lunch, I went to the municipal tourism office to speak to the tourism officer and see what’s in store for me in town. Going to Palaui is not an option as it will be expensive for me to rent a boat alone. The Victory Liner driver I spoke with when I came in from Manila to Tuguegarao told me to visit Anguib Beach so I asked the tourism officer how can I get there. The tourism officer was so nice and accommodating, she referred me to Balai Cagayanon as they are managing the Anguib Beach. I went to Balay Cagayanon’s office but unfortunately the island is already closed because of the Survivor USA taping. I was disappointed but I couldn’t do anything so I went back to Jotay Resort and spent my whole afternoon in the beach area. I love beach bumming so I still had fun. I waited in the beach until sunset and I was able to get some good shots. Lovely sunset, indeed!

Santa Ana Municipal Hall

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