Day 32 of PHL50 : The Long Journey to Romblon, Romblon

The 32nd day of PHL50 was an ordinary day. I woke up late as I do not have any plans in the morning except to pick up my laundry and head to Batangas to catch a RORO to Romblon, Romblon.

I departed the hostel at around 12 noon. I took a cab and went to Buendia to take the Ceres Bus going to Batangas Port. It departed at 1PM and we arrived in Batangas Port by 3PM. 

The RORO was scheduled to depart at 5PM so I immediately bought a ticket. I paid P954 for the economy ticket. The boat departed a little over 5PM and I was able to witness the sunset from the boat. It was an amazing sunset.

I wasn’t sleepy during the first few hours in the boat so I decided to mingle with the other passengers. I’ve heard lots of interesting stories about Romblon and Mindoro. It was such a fun night with the other passengers.

I went to my bed around 11PM, I thought I will not be able to sleep but I did. Maybe, I am already used to not so comfortable beds and noise after all.

Arrival in Romblon
The boat has docked at the Romblon port at around 3:30AM. It was still dark. I did not reserved any place to stay in Romblon so I went out of the boat and started hunting for one. The streets were so quiet, I was a little worried but I continued to walk. I saw some hotels along the way but they are still closed. I’ve tried 3 hotels/inns and all of them were closed. My phone’s battery was empty so I was not able to use it to locate where are the other inns that might be open. I saw the police station, I thought it would be the safest place to go while waiting for the hotels to open after sunrise. The police officer was so nice to me that he allowed me to stay in the station and I was able to charge my phone too. I was not able to ask for his name, but whoever you are, thanks heaps!

Finally, after around 6AM I was able to check in at the hostel.

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