DFAT 2013 : Durian and More at the Partoza Durian Farms

After a long meal at Lotus Court, we headed to the Partoza Durian Farms in Tugbok District to continue our DFAT 2013 adventure. It was an hour trip from the downtown area. We used the Catalunan Grande road instead of the usual Ulas-Mintal road to avoid the traffic.

The Partoza Durian Farms
The farm is not just about durian, it is basically a place people can go for retreat, camping and nature tripping. It is a family owned farm turned into a leisure destination. The place is quiet as it is far from the main road. It is ideal for those who want an escape from the “city life”, although it is still part of the city.

The owner of the farm also owns Annipie which serves delicious pastries. They have one of the best cinnamon rolls in town. I’m serious, they really do. We had a chance to sample some of their best cinnamon rolls and there were really tasty at an affordable price.

The Farm Tour
After our snacks, they tour us around the farm and explained the process of durian propagation and farm maintenance. Aside from durian, Partoza farms has grown a lot of fruit-bearing trees and vegetables. They also have a vermicomposting site for their organic fertilizer.

After the farm tour, the owners have prepared for our dinner. They served sumptuous food to satisfy our gastronomic cravings for the night. Of course, they served us  different varieties of chilled durian. I personally love the Arancillo variety – it’s sweet and creamy.

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