Day 18 of PHL50 : Getting Around Lucena City

Here’s what I did during the 18th day of PHL50 which includes itinerary, expenses and guide on how to get to the destinations/tourist attractions I have been to in Lucena.

Quezon Provincial Capitol
I left Daet early in the morning to embark on another long journey to the province of Quezon. It was basically around 6 hours bus ride from Daet to the city of Lucena.
An interesting church I have seen when I was on my way to Lucena
I have already booked my accommodation at the Quezon Premiere Hotel so I just had to find it. It was my first time in the Quezon province so I am pretty much oblivious of what is going on there. As per the google map I am looking at, the bus should stop near the hotel. I do not want to take chances so I asked the driver if he knew where it was. Good thing he knew where it was so he stopped in front of the hotel.

I checked in, rest a bit and started my tour around Lucena City.

I was initially planning of just visiting the Quezon Province Capitol but I passed by an interesting church so I alighted and checked the church. It was the Lucena Church. 

Afterwards, I asked around where is the capitol and the lady I asked pointed me to the direction. She said most of the jeepney which pass by in front of the church will also be going to the capitol so I took a jeep and after few minutes, I was already in the Quezon Province Capitol (also known as Tayabas Capitol)

The capitol looked really good. In fact, it is one of the best looking provincial capitols I have visited.

More photos here.

Tricycle from hotel to DLTB Bus Terminal – P15
DLTB Bus from Daet to Lucena – P277
Lunch – P72
Jeepney from hotel to downtown – P8
Dinner – P125
Water – P30
Jeepney from downtown to hotel – P8
Mobile Load – P150

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  1. Anong church daw yung 2nd picture brod?

    Tayabas capitol is really beautiful. A sight to behold, lalo na sa mga tulad kong mahilig sa mga old edifices… 🙂

  2. Brod, di ko alam ang name ng church wala kasing nakasulat dun nung pumasok ako. Nasa Calauag Quezon sya, bale dun lang nag stop ang bus for lunch from Daet to Lucena. Baka may taga SSC na alam name ng church 🙂

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