I woke up at around 8AM and decided to do some work before heading to the Bulusan National Park in Bulusan, Sorsogon. I left the hostel around 11AM and had my lunch at a nearby eatery. I took a tricycle and reached the town proper at 12nn. 

I asked around what is the easiest way to go there and the lady told me to go to Gubat and take a Bulusan-bound jeep from there. So, I took a Gubat-bound jeepney and arrived at the Gubat Public Market after about 45 minutes. 

I asked the driver where I can take the Bulusan-bound jeepney and he pointed me the direction. Luckily the jeepney was almost full so it departed after about 20 minutes of waiting. I arrived in Bulusan around 2:30PM. I asked a passer-by where can I take a jeep going to the Bulusan National Park, he told me to charter a tricycle as the last trip of the Bulusan-Irosin bound jeepney is at 2PM. Yes, I missed the last trip. I did not know that it was that early. She also told me that the last trip from Bulusan to Gubat is at 3PM so if I intend to go back to Gubat I should take it, otherwise I have to charter a tricycle again going to Gubat which will cost me a lot. 

Rice field and Beach = My kind of place!
Farmers were drying their rice harvest on the road
The road was used as a drier
Locals harvesting rice

I decided to take the last trip going to Gubat and just planned of going back there early in the morning the next day.

I arrived in Sorsogon City around 5PM and decided to do a walking tour of the city. It was short but I had fun.

The Carolina’s Hotel – P350 (non-AC room with T/B)
Laundry – P105
Lunch – P70
Trike (The Carolina’s – City Proper) P8
Jeepney (Sorsogon-Gubat) – P25 [45 minutes]
Jeepney (Gubat-Bulusan) – P38 [1 hour]
Jeepney (Bulusan-Gubat) – P38
Jeepney (Gubat-Sorsogon City) P25
Trike (City proper-hostel) – P8
Dinner/Grocery – P115

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