Day 4 of PHL50 :Exploring the Cagnituan Subterranean River, Cagnituan Falls and Guinsohotan Cave in Maasin City

Ceiling of Our Lady of Assumption Parish Church in Maasin
The ferry was supposed to depart at 2AM but for some reasons, it departed an hour later. It was an hour travel from Surigao City going to Benit Port in San Ricardo, Leyte. The ocean was calm so I was able to get a good sleep. The ferry arrived in Benit Port around 4AM and I took the bachelor express bus from the port going to Maasin City. The bus was already full so I was standing for about an hour. Fortunately, a number of of passengers got off the bus and I was able to take a seat and took a nap. It was a little over 3 hours bus ride.

I finally reached Maasin City around 8AM. I immediately checked in at Ampil Pensione to take a short nap before engaging myself in a fun-filled activities in Maasin City. 

Pascal, a new friend I met online picked me up at Ampil Pensione at around 11AM. He owns the Caimito Beach Hotel, a soon to open beach hotel in Maasin City. He showed me around the city. We visited the church, the city hall, the provincial capitol and passed by some heritage houses. 

Superb interior of  Our Lady of Assumption Parish Church in Maasin
The facade of Our Lady of Assumption Parish Church in Maasin

Maasin City Hall

Southern Leyte Provincial Capitol

A heritage house we passed by

Sto. Nino Church
After the quick city tour, we headed to the Caimito Beach Hotel and had our lunch there along with Pascal’s family. Eden, Pascal’s lovely and pretty wife has prepared a sumptuous lunch for us to share. She cooked seafood recipes and concocted her own version of Sangria for us to enjoy.  It was such a gastronomically satisfying lunch!

The Caimito Beach Hotel Infinity Pool

The pool and the fab rooms and villas

The awesome people I was with in Maasin (Pascal took the photo)
The Canning Family + Escape Manila 
The Maasin Adventure Begins…
Right after our lunch, we headed to the Cagnituan (Cagnitoan) Subterranean River which is also the same location with the Cagnituan (Cagnitoan) Falls and Guinsuhutan (Guinsohotan) Cave. It was about an hour ride as it was Pascal’s first time to drive that road and he was careful enough not to slip on the cliff. The road was rough and bumpy, so it made the travel longer. We stopped at the barangay hall and walked our way to the cave/falls/river. The barangay is collecting P10 as an entrance fee and additional amount should you decide to get a guide to come along with you. If you are a first timer, I suggest you get a guide as some portion of the cave have deep waters.

The Cagnituan Falls
We entered and explored the Guinsuhutan Cave and we’ve reached about halfway of the cave. Since it was already getting late, we decided no to continue walking through the other end of the cave instead we went back to the Cagnituan falls and swam. The water was cold and I really had fun swimming in it (even if I do not really know how to swim, lol). After about almost an hour, we left the place. It was a tiring journey but it was all worth it. Being able to see the interior of the cave was spectacular.

Inside the Guinsuhutan Cave – this is where I lost my lens’ cap

Cagnituan Subterranean River / Entrance to the Guinsuhutan Cave

Inside the Guinsuhutan Cave

Inside the Guinsuhutan Cave
We went back to Pascal’s house with a hungry tummy. We ate the left over from our lunch with gusto. I love being with the Canning family, they are awesome!

At night, Pascal and I went pub-crawling. We went as far as Padre Burgos and then back to Maasin City. It was a night of pizza, videoke, booze and more booze. I arrived at Ampil Pension house at around 1AM and that was the end of my Maasin extra special leg of the PHL50. Until then, Maasin!

Sunset in Maasin City

I would like to thank my friend Pascal, his wife Eden, his daughter Christina, Joy and Matoy for a wonderful experience I shared with them. You are all awesome guys!!!

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