5 Items a Backpacker Could Not Live Without Down-Under

Every region in the world has different reasons to require of the avid backpacker different supplies, and Australia and New Zealand are no exception. In fact, there are a few things which may seem commonplace and obvious, but which are so necessary that a list must be made up to remind us of them! You as a backpacker will find awesome atmosphere in the Kiwi homeland, and in Australia, and especially once you use HostelBookers.com for your backpackinghostels in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns, setting yourself up nicely, the Aussies will treat you like family. But it’s the specifics we’re concerned with, so the following describes 5 essentials you can’t do without.

For those familiar with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you will already be agreeing with this first item. A towel has many uses, and down-under you will find that it will be your most prized possession. Expect beaches. Expect heat. Expect aliens. The towel proves its worth at every turn, whether we’re talking about sweat, water, shade, towel fights, or cleaning up a spill of some kind.

Sun Block
In the same vein as a towel, we recommend sun block. Especially if you’re going to be visiting Australia and New Zealand during their summer months, when the sun will be extremely close to the southern hemisphere, you will need to protect your skin. Even if you don’t plan on skiing in NZ or surfing in Aus, you need to guard that nose from excessive UV.

MP3 Player
Do not forget an iPod or other MP3 player. New Zealand and Australia both boast a whole host of progressive ensembles from rock, alternative, indie, symphonic to what-have-you. More than other countries, you can bet that you’ll end up in a concert or two or ten, because the populace is crazy for good tunes, and you’ll want to be prepared to share yours and build your library as well.

Especially if you’re coming from nearby Southeast Asia, you should be aware that New Zealand and Australia are not cheap countries to travel in. As a precaution, it might benefit you to already have antihistamines stashed in your pack. Not that you’re going to need them, but if you do and you don’t have them already, your wallet will be reminding you of the mistake for weeks or months to come.

Positive Attitude
Alright so it’s a little corny to end the list with something as intangible as your outlook on life. However, since New Zealand is known for its friendly people, and since you probably associate “No worries, mate” with Australia, then you will already be aware of the positivity you are hoping to encounter. Well, you should make the best of it by preparing yourself to feel good, and have a good time with good people. Go in with a great big smile.

So those are the 5 items we’ve decided are essential for your travels down-under. Of course, a list of such length is inherently subjective, so take it with a tiny grain of salt, but know that we’ve thought it over and that these items, if you take our advice, will help you take home the best experience you could have imagined.

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