Pattaya : The Sin City?

I was in Kandahar, Afghanistan back then and I was very excited to get out of the country for my R&R. I decided to make my way home to the Philippines via Thailand and Hong Kong. I have been to Thailand at least once when I did my epic South East Asia backpacking trip back in 2009.I have only been to Bangkok, Nong Khai and Aranyaprathet so I have decided to go back to Thailand and visit the town of Pattaya – a beach resort known for tourists and expats.

I have been in the war zone for six months and all I really wanted was to party and eat the food I like the most. When I was assigned in Kabul, I used to go to a Thai restaurant to eat my favorite satay and pad thai and so when I was to take my vacation, I got really excited.

I left Kandahar via KAF through a commercial chartered flight. It was around 4 hours flight to Dubai. From Dubai, I took the Thai Airways on my way to Bangkok. I arrived in Bangkok around noon and I immediately looked for the bus going to Pattaya. 

I already booked my hotel online so I  just headed straight to the hotel when I arrived in Pattaya. There were vans in the terminal which will bring you to your hotel. Make sure you ask the driver as they have specific routes.

After I checked in at the hotel, I freshened up and went straight to the mall to eat my comfort food. I ate some pasta, pizza, ice cream and lots of cold drinks.

After the gastronomic satisfaction, I walked my way to the Walking Street – a place where the party at night is happening. The sun was still bright when I was there so the place (mostly bars and restaurants) was empty. People were crowding at the beach area. The beach was not enticing so I walked my way to the hotel and took some rest.

I then woke around 8PM and went back to the Walking Street. It was already crowded when I was there. People of different nationalities were enjoying the night. – men & women, young and old and even PWDs were having fun.

I enjoyed the people I met, the party, the food and of course the booze. The second night, I did just the same – eat, party and drink. I am looking forward to going back in Pattaya.

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