Interesting Facts About the Philippines : The Tricycle

The tricycle is one of the most popular mode of transportation in the Philippines found in most cities and towns. It is the Philippines version of Thailand’s famous tuk-tuk. It is a little, roofed sidecar bolted to a motorcycle. The standard fare for most provincial towns is about P8 per head. 

Please beware of tricycle drivers who will try to give you an over-priced fare especially when they notice that you are a visitor. Do your research, the internet will provide you at least a rough estimate of the transportation cost. Tricycles that wait in front of restaurants, hotels, airports and tourist spots will attempt to charge you three to 10 times for a special/chartered trip. You can avoid these by walking towards the main road and get a passing tricycle that will charge you the usual/regular rate.

In some areas, non-motorized tricycles are also being used locally known as padyak – a sidecar bolted to a bicycle. These are good to use when you are traveling on a short distance. 

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