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I started collecting postcards in 2006 and then for some reason I stopped. When I moved to Afghanistan, I left all my collections in Dubai hoping that I’ll be able to come back to fetch them. Unfortunately, I was not able to come back in Dubai so I thought I already lost all of my collections.

Luckily, my ex-housemate kept all of them and after over 2 years, I finally got them back. Every week, I will be sharing all my postcard collections via this blog. I hope you will all like it. Here’s the first one I got from Hungary.

“Hungary (Magyarország)  is a country in Central Europe. Member of the European Union and the Schengen Border-less Europe Agreement. The country offers many diverse destinations: relatively low mountains in the north-west, the Great Plain in the east, lakes and rivers of all sorts (including Balaton – the largest lake in Central Europe), and many beautiful small villages and hidden gems of cities. Top this off with Hungary’s great accessibility in the middle of Europe, a vivid culture and economy, and you get a destination absolutely not worth missing if you’re in the region”

Do you want to swap a postcard with me? Please drop me an email with complete name and address and I’ll send you a postcard from the Philippines.


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  1. cool! another postcrosser! that Hungary postcard is really nice!

    I hope we can swap postcards + maybe you can also join our Philippine postcrossing group on Facebook!

  2. That's a great hobby and it's nice that you are sharing this tidbits of info about Hungary and different places here.

  3. Postcard collecting is so cool! And this one is really nice. A cousin of mine swaps ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), and she gets them from every part of the world. 🙂 Could be a great way to get to know more friends, too.

  4. Mga gutom ba tao dito??? Dito ba ginagawa ang Hungarian Sausage??? toinks jowk. Seriously, Hungary is an interesting destination special mention to its old structures/buildings

  5. Wow! I used to collect post cards too.. and stopped! now, I'd like to start again!!! pedeng pang vision board.. places I want to visit someday!:)

  6. I will be looking forward to more of your series of post card posts. I was once a collector of post card, but when computerization started to boom where images from around the world and different places are easily searched, that's when I stopped.

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