How to Earn Money While on the Road

By Glen Santillan – Whether you are looking for a part time job to augment your income and fund your future travels or finding a full time location independent job, oDesk might be what you’re looking for. Let’s admit it, weekend trips are just too short so most of the time we travel during long weekends to enjoy the adventure as much as we can. With location independent jobs offered by oDesk, you can travel anywhere and work in any place you can imagine. All you need to have is a reliable internet connection and there you go, you can earn while on the road. Cool, eh?

oDesk is a place where you can build your reputation as a freelancer as clients will be rating your work after completing the task/project. The higher rating you’ll get the higher the chance that you will be getting a  better paying job in the future. oDesk have a variety of jobs to choose from, whether your are technical person or not or you are an experienced professional or a fresher, this website has a lot to offer. You can look for jobs in the field of Software Development, Networking & Information Systems, Writing & Translation, Administrative Support, Design & Multimedia, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing and Business Services ( HR, Finance & Accounting, Business Development).

To date, I have been working for oDesk clients for over a year now and so far the experience has been very promising. 

So, how to land a first job with oDesk?

  • Read the whole job posting. Some clients has special instructions written in the middle or at the bottom of the post so be very careful and cautious in following those instructions. Trust me they can make or break your chance of getting selected for the job. I am a recruiter myself so if a candidate apply for a job I posted and does not follow the instruction I automatically reject him/her.
  • Apply only for jobs that meets your qualifications. oDesk has limitation on how many jobs you can apply for a week so apply for jobs wisely.
  • Do not recycle your cover letter. Make sure you include what the prospective clients want to know about you.
  • Always be on time during interviews. 
  • Do not commit for something that you cannot deliver. Be very honest with your client. 
  • When you get a job, make sure you do your best and do the task right and deliver it on time. This will make your client happy and provide you with a good feedback. A good feedback is one way to attract new clients.
I hope this tips will help you land a job in oDesk. Good luck and happy “oDesking”!

I am pretty sure there are a lot of freelancing websites out there but I have only used oDesk so far so I cannot give any review of those sites. I know eLance is also nice place to do freelance jobs as well as Freelancer and VWorker. I’ll write a review once I start using them.

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  1. I'm using oDesk too. 🙂

  2. So, how's your odesk experience Kat?

  3. Getting harder to get jobs, I guess? Clients want to pay less then you have other contractors that bids half or less of your hourly rate, so they end up getting the jobs.

  4. Right, the competition is tough. you just have to keep on looking for the right job with the right rate 🙂 a lot of clients are trying to offer really low rate and end up hiring a mediocre contractor 🙂

  5. I will try my luck to Odesk this year and hope to get offers or jobs. I need to double my income even at home.

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