Day 4-5 : Escape to Boracay

Picture perfect Boracay!

I planned of this trip more than a month ago and I was thinking what to do in Boracay or where to find cheap accommodation in Boracay? Well I guess that’s what a usual backpacker would do before his/her trip.

I left Bacolod early in the morning and went back to Iloilo to catch a bus going to Caticlan. The bus terminal is located at Tagbak Overland Terminal. I was happy that the ferry left on time since I need to get on a bus departing at 8AM. When I arrived in Iloilo port I walked towards the city hall and took a jeepney from there to Jaro Plaza. From Jaro Plaza, I took another jeepney ride to Tagbak terminal. Thanks to all the Ilonggos who guide me through.

Ceres bus bound to Caticlan from Iloilo
I arrived at the terminal just in time. After just few minutes the left. It was a good journey. I intentionally did not sleep during the 6-hour trip because I want to see the places were passing through. It was my first time to visit Boracay so I was very excited.

I arrived in Caticlan around 2 PM and I immediately bought a ticket. I was kinda surprised I had to pay P200 just to get to the Island. I think P100 terminal fee is just too much for a very basic port. I also wondered where the P75 environmental fees go? Hmmm, anyway I paid everything and took off.

Caticlan port
The boat, Caticlan Port and Boracay Port

At last I arrived Boracay after almost 7 hours on the road. I took a shared a tricycle and instructed the driver to bring me to D’ Mall which he did.
Veli’s Inn and the D’ Mall
I did not booked a room since it was not peak season so I just walked around and looked for a place to stay. I came across Veli’s Inn, asked for their rate and since I was already tired I checked in. I immediately changed outfit and went to the shoreline and took photos… a lot of it. I stayed at station 2 so I walked from Station 2 to Station 3 Back to Station 2 and proceeded to Station 1. It was tiring but it was all worth it. I love the place, it reminds me of a lot of things.
The beach!
The coconut trees
The photo walk made me hungry so I decided to go to a restaurant which offer dinner buffet. I am not really a fan of the buffet thing but that time it felt like I have not been eating for days. There are a lot of buffets but I decided to eat at Alf’s Restaurant. they seemed to have a very sumptuous menu. I enjoyed their unlimited seafood, the grilled shells and fish, etc. I haven’t tried everything but for those that I’ve tried, I liked them all.
Sunset in Boracay
The food at Alf’s restaurant. I was not able to capture everything.
I went to my room after dinner and freshen up a bit, then back the beach for the much awaited night life. I enjoyed it a lot, drunk and danced a little bit and time passed so quickly that I realized it was already 2 AM. I decided to call it a night since I still have to wake up a little bit early to enjoy the beach.
Hand painted Shirt
I woke up around 7AM, took my breakfast and went straight to the beach and swam. I was a bit disappointed as the beach was quite dirty. they said it is because of habagat. There are a lot of debris in the beach and the shoreline. It was no longer a perfect picture Boracay I was always thinking. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the fine white sand and just disregarded the dirt. Overall it was a great Boracay escapade!
Sailing in Bora
Time to say goodbye, I left the island around 12 nn and went back to Iloilo to catch up my flight back to Davao the following morning. it stayed at One Lourdes Dormitel and I was so happy with their rate and their room. It was a great value for money!

From the dormitel, i walked few steps and took a jeep going to SM to take the van going to the airport. I wasn’t expecting that there will be a lot of passengers going to Davao so I did not bother to check in online. Too bad, when I arrived at the airport the queue was really long and I regret I did not checked in online. Lessons learned, always check in online whenever possible. Plane took off on time and I’m back in Davao!

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