Our boat was scheduled at 9AM so we did not have to wake up early. We had breakfast in the hostel we stayed in. It was very basic breakfast which I did not enjoy at all. Good thing we had a left over fried chicken from previous night’s dinner. (Read: Cheap Places To Stay in Siquijor)

We left the hostel at 8:30AM and took a tricycle ride to the port of Dumaguete. When we were inside the boat we did not expect that it was that wavy that made us dizzy. I personally did not talk during the boat trip as I felt I was gonna throw up anytime soon. It was an hour ride and we arrived in Siquijor at around 10AM. Kevin, our tour guide was already waiting to pick us up and find a place to stay and start to roam around the Island after.

Kevin brought us at Dondeezco Beach Resort. We look around and we liked the place so we decided to stay there for a night. We paid P1,575 for a standard room plus extra bed. Considering the location and the amenities, it was already a very good price.

The beach was awesome. I was planning of dipping into the beach but we still had to move and start exploring the Island-Province of Siquijor.

We rented a multicab so we were able to see all the municipalities of Siquijor. Overall it was great trip. We visited quite a lot of tourist spots in the island.

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    Seeing a blue wide sea just make everything so serene, so tender just the way life's suppose to be, I never been to Siquijor but heard a lot of stories about the place with illogical explanations about it which some are eager to believe… you yourself should experience rather than hearing nega vibes from any other sources

  2. Francis Balgos

    Siguijor, charming place to visit.
    And they have this Balete tree aged over 400 years.
    The beach is lovely and the province truly mystical!

  3. jsncruz

    That's a really good rate for a tourist spot bed-and-breakfast. I've never been here but my fondness for old colonial structures may bring me here in the near future, to see that church 🙂

  4. MaryJane Tauyan

    wow! breathtaking everything looks so good and all! nice to have a stop vacation like this! xx

  5. Franc Ramon

    Siquijor looks like a nice place to visit. I hope to try it soon.

  6. papaleng

    Siquijor, famous for "aswang legends" is really a nice place to see. We have relatives there to attest to the locals hospitality. The beaches are great and the old Spanish structures are well-preserved. You sure did have a fun experience.

  7. Teresa Martinez

    This place is so beautiful. You are very fortunate to have experienced being there.

  8. Ron Leyba

    Wow, great scenery. Love the cool beach. I wish the old perception about Siquijor (being home of aswang) will be eliminated ASAP.

  9. One of the best trips I had this year. I was really surprised by the beaches of Siquijor. Where in Siquijor is Dondeezco located? I stayed in San Juan beach and love the beach there. 🙂

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