Revisiting Singapore

Singapore is one of my favorite Asian destinations. The place is clean and easy to navigate. I have already been there several times and the place continues to amaze me.

I have lots of friends in the city and I always make time to meet some of them no matter what. This time I met Wenggay who also accommodated me. She is one of my best friends back when I was still working in Dubai and she is one of the nicest persons I ever met.

The last time I visited Singapore was about 2 years ago and the Marina Bay Sands was still under construction and so I wonder how it looked now that it is fully operational. We just walked from Chinatown to MBS. It was quite a long walk but it was very enjoyable. I love walking so I did not have a problem at all. We passed by a good place to eat and we had our early dinner. We had mixed chicken and beef satay and grilled prawns. It was a sumptuous dinner. Then we continue walking and had coffee at The Coffee Bean at the Marina Bay Sands. There, we bonded again just like the old times. We talked about our past experiences in Dubai.

After, we decided to go to the MBS Casino and we tried to gamble a little. We won but not that much though. It was my first casino experience and was really naive of what to do. The MBS casino was full of “gamblers” and “gambling-wannabees” like us. It was a different experience and it was really cool. I will surely go back there when I land in Singapore once again.

The second night, we decided to experience the top of MBS and saw the spectacular night view of the city with some other friends. We had a little drink at Kudeta bar and had a peek at the hotel’s infinity pool. It was one of the best experience I had during this visit.

Light and fountain show at MBS

Daring poster at Orchard

View from the top of MBS

Singapore at night

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